Joann Sullivan on July 29th, 2008

Joann Sullivan, Seniors Real Estate Specialist

I am a Full-Service Realtor® who specializes in working with senior homebuyers and sellers and their families. I am a member of the Senior Advantage Real Estate Council® and have been designated a Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES)® by the National Association of Realtors ®.

My clients include seniors who are selling their family homes and downsizing to condominiums or senior retirement communities, as well as first-time homebuyers.

I work with local and out-of-town families who want to buy or sell homes for their aging parents. Many of my clients are interested in creative housing options including aging-in-place, shared housing, elder co-housing and accessory housing.

I am very knowledgeable about local senior housing resources and have relationships with senior social service providers as well as lenders, reverse mortgage specialists, financial planners, senior move managers, contractors and others. I can help with all aspects of buying and selling property.

Before becoming a Realtor, I worked for many years in health care, including over five years as Clinic Director at Over 60 Health Center. I am a long-term volunteer driver for the North Berkeley Senior Center Meals on Wheels program and serve on the Board of Directors at Chaparral House, a not-for-profit elder care community in Berkeley, and Legal Assistance for Seniors in Oakland.

As a Realtor, I am able to combine my expertise in business and real estate with my knowledge of, and interest in, helping seniors. My unique combination of specialized realty skills and experience with the health and financial needs of seniors enables me to assist with practical, comprehensive planning. I am the East Bay real estate agent with the most knowledge and experience working directly with seniors.

Client Testimonials


“Joann you have been an integral part of my home search. You have been timely, accurate, insightful and very positive… Your real estate knowledge is sharply honed. Being industrious and dedicated in your career can be seen in the service you gave me. I’m looking forward to working with you again, you’re truly a professional.”

– Michael Rimkus

“Joann is an outstanding realtor! She was by our side through a difficult sales process and continued to help and support us during some later unforeseen developments. We were able to count on her knowledge, competence, caring and dedication! A Great Job!”

– Almalee Henderson

“Thank you for your help and support during my search for a new home. Hardworking, resourceful, optimistic, organized, a sense of humor and always a friend. Your positive energy helped to make our search for the perfect house an adventure rather than a tedious task. Your company was always a pleasure and the process was a smooth ride thanks to you.”

– Meaveen O’Connor

“With her careful and competitive arrangements for pre-inspection, contingency removal and discussions with owners and agents, Joann Sullivan of Thornwall Properties single-handedly made sure my offer was accepted. There were multiple bids, some equal to mine, on this Berkeley property, and without her constant attention and advice on pre-arrangements and pricing, I would certainly not now own my home.”

– Anne Winters

“Joann Sullivan is a caring and positive individual who really knows the real estate business in the Bay Area. She had great suggestions that helped us get the best possible value out of my mother’s house. Because of her professionalism and creativity we received multiple offers on the property even though we were selling it long distance!”

– Katie Johnson

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