Joann Sullivan on May 16th, 2016

            This is Affordable Housing Week in the East Bay region. The East Bay Housing Organization is sponsoring several events around the area. I know what you are thinking—Affordable housing in the East Bay? You have got to be kidding. This is the most expensive housing market in the country. […]

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Joann Sullivan on March 7th, 2016

A few months ago the American Society on Aging invited me to write an article on my favorite topic–Housing Options for Seniors.  The article appeared in a special housing issue of Aging Today which appeared in November 2015. Wanted: safe, affordable— and pragmatic—housing options for older adults By Joann Sullivan Everyone needs a place to live. Though […]

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Joann Sullivan on March 30th, 2015

At the City Council meeting last Tuesday, the council made further revisions to the ADU Ordinance and voted UNANIMOUSLY to accept the revised ordinance.  (A unanimous vote by the Berkeley City Council is a rarity.)  The ordinance now goes back to staff for further review, but should be on the council agenda for final approval in […]

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The Transition Network (TTN) is a national organization for women over the age of 50 who are dealing with transitions in their lives—career, life, health, housing and others. Because of the high cost of housing and the lack of affordable housing options in the Bay Area, the local chapter has implemented a new program: TTN-HOME—A […]

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Joann Sullivan on November 14th, 2013

Mark Rhoades from Rhoades Planning Group spoke yesterday at the Berkeley Association of Realtors about upcoming housing developments in downtown Berkeley.  Between 1970 and 1995, 400 new housing units were added in Berkeley; between 1997 and 2013, 2,000 new units were added.  In the next few years, another 1,000 will be added.  About one-third of […]

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Joann Sullivan on August 29th, 2013

A few weeks ago I met with Audrey Young, a fiduciary who is founder and president of Family Concierge in Montclair.  She helps seniors and their families with the financial and personal needs that arise at the end of life.  I learned so much that day and asked Ms. Young to prepare an article for […]

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Joann Sullivan on July 14th, 2013

Many of my real estate clients are moving here from out of state and many have issues related to their trusts.  My friend Sara Diamond is an elder law attorney and has just posted a new blog which can help people avoid hassles related to property held in trust in other states. Her website has […]

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Joann Sullivan on June 21st, 2013

On Wednesday I was working in my office and I had a call from Berkeleyside our local newspaper.  The reporter had lots of questions for me and included much of what I said in the article.  Click here to read the entire article.

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Joann Sullivan on January 24th, 2013

Senior home sellers have been one of the hardest hit groups of the population during the past few years while our nation was experiencing a serious housing downturn.  Many of them had bought their homes as an investment for their retirements.  They were counting on profits from selling their homes to fund new homes in […]

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I have been hearing and reading a lot lately about the Burbank Senior Artists Colony.  It is a 141 unit senior housing complex for low and moderate income seniors.  Thirty percent of the units are for low income seniors whose monthly rents are $400-$800.  This one of a kind senior housing complex  looks like an […]

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Joann Sullivan on May 6th, 2012

Creative housing options for seniors are in the news.  I read yesterday about two women in Saratoga Springs, New York who sold their homes in a nearby town and bought one together They had known each other for thirty years in a Birthday Group which got together several times a year to celebrate milestones.  They […]

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Joann Sullivan on May 20th, 2011

I have been working with my client James (not his real name) since last fall.  His wife had passed away in late summer and he felt that he did not want to stay in his big house up on the hill any longer.  He was lonely, there was too much maintenance associated with the big […]

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Joann Sullivan on January 17th, 2011

Berkeley Town House is one of the best housing options for seniors in the East Bay who want to age in community.  Back in the late fifties the leaders in Berkeley decided that the city should have a place for its retirees to live as they got older.  It was to be a place where […]

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Joann Sullivan on March 19th, 2010

A few weeks ago, the Marketing Department at St. Paul’s Towers, a CCRC/Life Care facility in Oakland, asked me to speak to a group of potential residents about what is really going on in the real estate market in the East Bay.  Many of the people considering moving to St. Paul’s need to sell their […]

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Joann Sullivan on April 17th, 2009

There  is a new reverse mortgage program for senior which became available in January as part of the financial stimulus package which Congress passed last fall.  This program is called HECM  for Purchase. HECM stands for Home Equity Conversion Mortgage. This program enables seniors to purchase new homes and never make another mortgage payment. Borrowers […]

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